21 Ottobre 2021

Magozzi Diletta

I create my ceramic works by choosing the most suitable materials and mixtures for my creations, from the selection of the clay quality to the time required for the fusion of the enamels.Being entirely handmade products, they could have some imperfections, in this case they are to be considered as value and not a defect because they carry the uniqueness of the object ensuring, to those who buy it, an inimitable piece.

Diletta Magozzi
Flying Roots "The Hanging gardens"
Red Wood "ceramic and furniture"
Black Ice "ceramic kitchen and furniture"
White sea "ceramic Kitchen and furniture"
Diletta Magozzi

Diletta Magozzi was born in Pontedera (Pisa) in 1986.

Academic Background:

-2005: Diletta graduates in social science.

Professional Training:

-2006 2007: Diletta acquires academic and professional skills in artistic ceramic processing, by completing a set of different workshops comprised of hands-on training and academic studies on the subject.

-2008: By attending the "Forma" school in Barcelona, she learns the specific techniques of sculpture and mosaic creation.

Professional Background:

-2010: Diletta starts her social worker professional career in Pisa, working in a rehabilitation center where she plans and leads therapeutic workshops focused on teaching clay shaping and manipulation for artisanal clay artworks production as a way to help rehabilitating socially and psychologically challenged adults.

-2015: In parallel with therapeutic workshops for kids, she begins a new freelance work project, called "Terra Rossa Lab. Ceramics. .... >>

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