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Diletta Magozzi was born in Pontedera (Pisa) in 1986.

Academic Background:

-2005: Diletta graduates in social science.

Professional Training:

-2006 2007: Diletta acquires academic and professional skills in artistic ceramic processing, by completing a set of different workshops comprised of hands-on training and academic studies on the subject.

-2008: By attending the "Forma" school in Barcelona, she learns the specific techniques of sculpture and mosaic creation.

-2016: She attends a professional course of study in Montelupo Fiorentino. The course is structured in several workshops that ultimately allow Diletta to master the basic techniques required in the lathe art production. By applying these techniques she is able to start producing her own artisanal ceramic creations.

Professional Background:

-2010: Diletta starts her social worker professional career in Pisa, working in a rehabilitation center where she plans and leads therapeutic workshops focused on teaching clay shaping and manipulation for artisanal clay artworks production as a way to help rehabilitating socially and psychologically challenged adults.

-2015: In parallel with therapeutic workshops for kids, she begins a new freelance work project, called "Terra Rossa Lab. Ceramics."
This time the project is focused on organizing artwork production workshops for adults.

-2016: Diletta starts collaborating with several organizations including the "L.Coccapani" Ceramics Museum in Calcinaia, (Pisa).
Her role is to design, organize and lead workshops teaching ceramic artwork production to 2 different age groups, adults and teenagers.

2017: She starts collaborating with the public school system in the suburban area of Pisa. Her role is to set up workshops in kindergartens as well as in primary and secondary schools.

-2020: While still working on the “Terra Rossa Lab Ceramica” project, Diletta starts working on “Dì Ceramica”, an event focused on presenting her own artisanal ceramic creations.

Work Experience:

-2010: Addiction rehabilitation center “La Bianca” (cooperative il Ponte). Immigration Center of Cascina, Pisa (cooperative “il Ponte.”)

-2011: La “Badia” Comunity of Gello in Pontedera, Pisa (cooperative “Arnera”).

-2015: Adults workshops “Terra Rossa Lab. Ceramica” at “Poliedro” in Pontedera, Pisa (cooperative “Arnera”);
-Parents/kids workshops in collaboration with “Tutti Giu Per Terra” association in Perignano, Pisa.

-2016: Il “Doccio” comunity (cooperative “Il Cammino”) in Ghizzano di Peccioli, Pisa;
-Workshops at educational farms, "Coltano," Pisa and "Porto alle Lenze", Staffoli; adult workshops and elementary school kids tours to the "L.Coccapani" Ceramics Museum in
Calcinaia, Pisa ("Rerum Natura" cooperative); collaboration to the project "Con I Tuoi Occhi" project about basic techniques of clay manipulation and clay artwork production in Pontedera, Pisa ("Agape" cooperative”).

-2017: Preschool workshops activities at: “Nido D’Ape” in Pisa (Arnera Cooperative);
“Istituto Comprensivo of Calcinaia,” a Preschool in honor of war victims; "G. Mariti"
Fauglia. Institute, primary School of Cenaia, Pisa (all grades); Istituto Comprensivo M.K.
Gandhi, primary School of Romito (fourth grades) and secondary School of Pontedera, Pisa (all grades); Istituto Comprensivo "F. Sachetti" San Miniato, Pisa, class 3F, secondary school; Workshops “Le Vele,” a the multifunctional social welfare foundation in Pisa (“Fondazione Dopo di Noi”); “Poliedro,” a workshops for adolescents with autism
syndrome at cooperative “Arnera,” in Pontedera.

-2018: “Caffe Alzheimer,” a set of tactile memory workshops for people affected by Alzheimer disease, in collaboration with Arci Valdera and the Health Department.

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