10 Giugno 2023


Flying Roots "The Hanging gardens"

The artifacts are made entirely by hand with various types of clay and different decorative techniques.

Hanging gardens are a very scenic Green idea, flying roots give a different prospective and allows you to admire the plants with an unusual point of view;

Black Ice ceramic kitchen and furniture

It's made in black clay through a process called "crystalline technique"
This particular line is inspired by conceptual juxtaposition of two extreme physical elements, ice and fire or better, lava.
In that the black clay is used to evoke lava sediments.

Red Wood ceramic and furniture

This handmade collection is made in red clay and it's inspired by the wood whit the rough and irregular thicknesses of trees bark these artifacts includes two working techniques, both used in the same objects, bright enamels of intense colors and a decoration which simulates the textures of wood making a contrast of tactile and visual effect.

Food: ceramic serving plates

White and black clay are used to make these particular serving dishes which do not contain lead and therefore particularly suitable for food use and washable even at high temperatures.

White sea ceramic Kitchen and furniture

Engobes with colors over glaze, this collection is made in white clay and it's inspired by the sea and its energy.
This line is lead free and is suitable for food use and dishwasher washing at high temperatures.

Hand painted ceramic tiles

Hand painted ceramic tiles share unique designs inspired by my travelling
experience and they can be realizedare made in either white or red clay.
The tiles come at different price points and they are a perfect finish to
enhance the design of your domestic environment, by

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